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Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Life insurance: Given the fact that life is unpredicted, to be well-prepared for unexpected challenges is a sign of practicality. Life insurance covers the risk of your life and can be a blessing for your family while you are not around to handle the things on your own. There are five different types of life insurance for you to choose from depending on the level of risk you are fine to take and based on the convenience of premium payments. It will also help you save taxes and act as your security in the long run.

Features and Benefits of life insurance:

  • The premium can be paid at regular intervals that might be monthly, quarterly or yearly depending on the convenience.
  • The tenure can vary anywhere between 5-30 years.
  • In case of death before the policy matures the dependant gets the sum assured amount.
  • Provides financial security by helping to build a corpus for future or to face unexpected situations. 

Choose insurance over risk

We offer both life insurance and general insurance products. You can choose policies that suit your payment options, maturity period and the returns that you will get. General insurance products cover car, building, health, home and travel. Our online insurance buying will eliminate the time that you invest to go to a branch and get the formalities done. It will also let you see the various similar products existing in the market which might suit you better.

A name you can always trust

At BankHelpline, we have partnered with the well-known banks to ensure that you not only get trusted brands to deal with but also who take care of your personal information with utmost care. Our team will assist you at every stage so that you make the most of what we have to offer by making the right financial decision. Contact us!

Why choose us?

  • Get to compare several policies in one single shot
  • Clearly understand what suits you best
  • No hidden fees or extra costs
  • Deal with the highly trusted brands
  • Maintain your confidentiality
  • Saves time and money