Interest Rate 10.99% - 18.99%

Maximum Loan 20 Lakhs

Processing Fees : 2.25

Loan Tenure : Minimum 1 Year Maximum 5 Years

Conditional pre-closure – only after 6 months

Preclosure fee = 5% of principal outstanding

No part payment option

No guarantor required

Personal Loan Eligibility

Above 23+

Below -65

Salaried or Self Employed

Earning Regular Income

Income 15000 / Month

Max Loan 20 Lakhs

Maximum 5 Years

Calculate total EMI

Steps involved in getting a personal loan


The applicant has to submit all the required documents. A flawless documentation increases the chances of getting the loan sanctioned in one shot. Most of the delays in loan procedure is either due to the incomplete documents or any discrepancy in them.


Next, the submitted documents are verified. This is the most crucial step in any type of loan. An up-to-the-mark documentation zip through this step and get the sanction sooner.


The last step is disbursement where the sanctioned amount is transferred to the applicant’s account. The disbursements are quiet quick these days in almost every bank

Tips to increase your eligibility

Pay Off Credit Card Bills

Borrow Less

Features of the personal loans.


Banks give you a personal loan for multiple reasons. Hence, it lets the borrower practice all the liberty.


A personal loan is an unsecured loan. Therefore, it serves as a dream-come-true for many. Especially to those who need but cannot apply for a loan due to lack of security.

Quick and hassle-free

The rules and regulations are quite clear cut in personal loan. That is why its procedure is faster and less cumbersome.


Although it is an unsecured loan yet the rates of interest are not sky-high. They are pretty much reasonable across all banks and NBFCs.

Eligibility criteria for a Personal loan


One’s credibility can be measured through one’s authentic KYC documents. Your KYC tells about your identity which in turn vouches for your credibility.


Since it is an unsecured loan, having a fixed and steady source of income is very important for the applicant. It is the most neccesary qualification to apply for a personal loan.


Your CIBIL score displays the minutest details of your repayment pattern of prevoius loans. Hence, a good or bad CIBIl score serves as a decision-maker in loan approval.

How to avoid personal loan rejections ?

1. Always keep your KYC documents free from discrepancies.
2. A mismatch of the date of birth, name spelling or address is not acceptable. Consequently, it will get your loan rejected.
3. Make sure you avoid any cheque or auto-debit bounces in existing loans.
4. Avoid or at least be careful before serving as a guarantor for someone. That person’s poor performance will severely affect your CIBIL score too.
5. The applied loan amount should not be unrealistic to get rejected.
6. Always keep in mind your income as well as existing liabilities before applying.

Documents required for Personal loan.


ID proof

PAN card

Address proof

Passport, Adhaar, Driving license, Voter ID

Office proof

Office Id card

Income proof

Last 3 months’ salary slip

Income track record proof

Last 6 months’ bank statement

Self Employed Professional

ID proof

PAN card

Address proof

Passport, Adhaar, Driving license, Voter ID

Office proof

Office utility bill

Income proof

Last 3 years IT returns

Income track record proof

Last 6 months’ bank statement

How is BankHelplne Useful ?

In our busy lives, we have no reason to keep ourselves updated with banking related data. Unless there is a requirement. But, there is no wisdom in digging the well when you are thirsty. It is easy to imagine how industrious it is to move from bank to bank in search of the most suitable option.

Therefore, Bankhelpline provides you a single platform to get all the relevant information. Comparing several options can be easily done within the blink of an eye.

Benefits of choosing Bankhelpline

Those looking for a personal loan in Mumbai must submit their details to us for the following advantages

  1. Free counseling.
  2. Assistance throughout procedure i.e. from documentation till disbursement.
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Customers Served

Months Of Operation

Banks & NBFCs

How to apply Personal loan in mumbai ?

Get information on ICICI personal loan here. The leading private bank in India, ICICI bank, is well known for its top-quality services. It offers facilities of international standards. This bank has been a pioneer in many banking technologies which were later adopted by its counterparts. It has worked for the digitization of banking system long before when the government started prioritizing it. Hence, it can be inferred that the management of ICICI bank is visionary. ICICI bank has kept itself updating with time. The bank has a dedicated team of innovating minds which keep coming up with ideas to make banking easier. Thereafter, a diligent team of technicians plus software developers gives shape to those ideas. With a motto of ‘Khayaal aapka’, they let their customers work more and worry less. That is why it keeps coming up with ideas which can enable to serve as better as possible.

Bankhelpline for ICICI personal loan

Bankhelpline always works with the best financial institutions of India and therefore partnered with ICICI bank. It is undoubtedly a great brand in this field.. Personal loan is a product for which this bank has recently been more active. As the key characteristic of this bank, it keeps introducing methods to simplify the loan procedure. The bank also keep taking steps which can minimize the delays. It reveres its customers’ trust and hence, never wants to let them down. The focus is on customers’ progress and that is why it is quick in service. Bankhelpline and ICICI bank believe that the less time their clients will spend in banking, the more time they can give to their work. It doesn’t matter whether you have an account in ICICI bank or not. If you are in the need of a personal loan, then this bank is there to serve you.

Tips to increase your eligibility

  1. Add a co-applicant
  2. Increase your loan tenure.
  3. Reduce the requested loan amount (if possible).

Documents required for ICICI personal loan.

Employed Self-employed
Application form Duly signed Duly signed
Photograph Latest passport size color photograph Latest passport size color photograph
Photo ID proof/Age proof PAN card and any of the following:

·        Adhaar card

·         Passport

·        Driving license

·         Voter ID card

PAN card and any of the following:

·        Adhaar card

·         Passport

·        Driving license

·        Voter ID card

Address proof Any of the following:

·        Adhaar card

·         Passport

·        Driving license

·         Voter ID card

Any of the following:

·        Adhaar card

·         Passport

·        Driving license

·         Voter ID card

Work/Business proof Office ID card Gumasta, GST number, Office utility bill
Income proof Last 3 months’ salary slip Last 3 years Income tax return, last 3 years CA audited Balance sheet.
Income steadiness proof Last 6 months’ bank statement Last 6 months’ bank statement.



Tips to avoid getting your loan rejected
  1. Keep your documents free from discrepancies.
  2. There must be a gap of at least 6 months between the filing dates of two ITR.
  3. Avoid or at least be careful before serving as a guarantor for someone. That person’s poor performance can severely affect your credibility too.
  4. One must not have a history of loan defaults.
  5. The applied amount must be proportional to your repayment capacity.

Don’t stop if this bank doesn’t fulfill your requirement. Look for more options and compare.

Go through the following details to know more about ICICI bank personal loan.

Rate of Interest 11% to 18.25%
Processing fee Min. Rs. 999/-    Max-2%
Loan tenure 1 to 5 years
Guarantor Not Applicable
Minimum loan 50,000/-
Maximum loan 30 Lakh
Part payment applicable No

Check the following eligibility factors for ICICI Bank Personal loan

Minimum age 23 years
Maximum age 58 years
Minimum income Rs. 30,000 per month
Source of Income Employment and self-employment
Existing loan Another EMI lowers the eligibility

Learn about Capital first personal loan here. It is a Non-banking finance company having its headquarter in Mumbai. Its key area is providing financing services to the MSME sector. But it equally focuses on other areas as well. The revenue of Capita first has grown ten times since 2012. Hence no other proof is required to tell how widely it has been accepted by the mass. Founded by Mr. V Vaidyanathan, this financial institution has the target to be the top private lender of India.


Bankhelpline for Capital first personal loan

As we always promise to let our clients choose the best out of best, we have partnered with CaptalFirst. It is one of the most promising NBFCs currently operating in India. We always appreciate innovations in services. And this organization has been awarded as ‘Asia’s Innovator of the year’ in 2017.

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